Cherry Tomatoes


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    Beam's Yellow Pear

    10-15 seeds. Productive cherry variety ideal for cooler climates.

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    Bi-Color Cherry

    10-15 seeds. A cherry, yellow and red colored variety.

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    20 seeds. A cherry German variety with bunches of golden tomatoes.

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    Fahrenheit Blues

    15 seeds. A cherry variety from California with intense purple fruits.

  • IMG_9698-crop.JPG

    Maglia Rosa

    10-15 seeds. A cherry tomato to be grown in the ground or pots.

  • IMG_0907-crop.JPG

    Orange Cherry

    10-15 seeds. A cherry variety with orange fruits size of cherries, grow in bunches.

  • IMG_0512-crop.JPG

    Orange Pear Cherry

    10-15 seeds. Cherry variety that has lots of sweet and juicy pear-shaped fruits.

  • IMG_1272.JPG

    Painted Pink

    10-15 seeds. This new Indigo variety has very decorative, sweet-and-sour fruits.

  • IMG_0288[1].jpg


    10-15 seeds. A very early Russian miniature variety to be grown in standing or hanged pots.

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    Summer Temptation

    10-15 seeds. Found by me in 2017 an accidental cross between Blue Amrosia and unknown variety.

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    Tomato Cherry Mix

    20 seeds. Mix cherry tomatoes. 


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