Heirloom Tomato Seeds


  • IMG_9671-crop.JPG

    Orlinyi Klyuv

    Sold out. 10 seeds. Big-fruit Russian variety perfect for cooler climates.

  • IMG_2522.JPG

    Ozark Sunset

    Sold out. 15 seeds. Very rare American variety high in antioxydants.

  • IMG_5151-crop.JPG

    P 20+Beauty King

    1.90 EUR

    10 seeds. Cross between P 20 tomato and Beauty King.

  • IMG_1272.JPG

    Painted Pink

    1.50 EUR

    15 seeds. This new Indigo variety has very decorative, sweet-and-sour fruits.

  • IMG_1832-crop.JPG


    Sold out. 10 seeds. A big fruit variety from  East Palestine in Ohio, USA.

  • IMG_1294-crop.JPG

    Pastel Orange Heart

    1.90 EUR

    10 seeds. Big-fruit oxheart type orange tomato.

  • Obraz 085.jpg

    Paul Robeson

    1.00 EUR

    10 seeds. A Russian variety known for its sweet, smoky flavor and purple-red color.

  • Obraz 1603.jpg

    Peacevine Cherry

    1.50 EUR

    20 seeds. A cherry variety that has great, sweet-and-sour taste and contains a lot of vitamin C.

  • IMG_1522-crop.JPG


    2.50 EUR

    20 seeds. Multicolored beutiful tomato from Tennessee. 

  • Obraz 1087[1].jpg


    Sold out. 20 seeds. Russian variety resistant to disease and low temperature, produced well all season long.

  • IMG_4360-crop.JPG


    1.90 EUR

    20 seeds. New indigo tomato from California.

  • IMG_1693-crop.JPG

    Peter Glazebrook's Special

    2.50 EUR

    10-15 seeds. Very productive big-fruit red tomato.

  • IMG_1471-crop.JPG

    Pierce's Pride

    1.90 EUR

    15 seeds. A cold temperature tolerant variety with long and productive crop season.

  • Obraz 146-crop.jpg

    Pineapple Green

    Sold out. 15 seeds. A great, big-fruit variety with juicy, olive green fruits that have even 800-900 g.

  • Obraz 1150[1].jpg

    Pineapple Pig

    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. An exotic variety from California true-growing each time.

  • IMG_7787-crop.JPG

    Pink Accordion

    1.90 EUR

    10-15 seeds. A pink variety with ribbed fruits.

  • IMG_6590-crop.JPG

    Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye

    1.90 EUR

    10 seeds. A compact-shaped variety with beautiful, juicy fruits that weigh to 250 g with greatly balanced, sweet taste and oriental aroma.

  • Obraz 1275.jpg

    Pink Boar

    Sold out. 15 seeds. Very beautiful, productive tomato developed by Brad Gates.

  • IMG_0767-crop.JPG

    Pink Bumble Bee

    1.50 EUR

    20 seeds. Beautiful tomato from Artisan series.

  • IMG_1341.JPG

    Pink Elephant

    1.50 EUR

    15 seeds. A Siberian pink productive tomato.

  • IMG_1779-crop.JPG

    Pink Furry Boar

    1.90 EUR

    15 seeds. Productive medium-fruit tomato from California.

  • IMG_1505-crop[1].jpg

    Pinky Tuscadero

    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. Very tasty productive tomato.

  • IMG_1670-crop.JPG

    Polish Linquisa

    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. An old Polish variety that appeared in USA in 1800s.

  • IMG_1687-crop.JPG


    1.90 EUR

    10 seeds. Extra-large beefsteak tomato.

  • IMG_6837-crop.JPG


    1.50 EUR

    10-15 seeds. Highly productive heirloom tomato.

  • IMG_5076.JPG

    Pruden's Purple

    2.50 EUR

    10 seeds. A very early tomato among all other big varieties.

  • IMG_6429-crop.JPG

    Purple Dog Creek

    Sold out. 15 seeds. Excellent rare heirloom tomato from the community of Dog Creek, Kentucky region.

  • IMG_5190-crop.JPG

    Puszta Kolosz

    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. Heirloom tomato from in Transylvania, Romania.

  • IMG_1648-crop.JPG

    Queen Of The Night

    Sold out. 10 seeds. A new medium-size blue tomato.

  • Obraz 451.jpg

    Raisin Vert

    1.50 EUR

    15-20 seeds. A variety known also as Green Grape with yellow-green fruits in bunches resembling grapevines.

  • IMG_1386.JPG

    Rajskoe Naslazhdenie

    1.90 EUR

    20 seeds. A big-fruit Russian variety which is resistant to disease and very productive. "Rajskoe Naslazhdenie" means "An Escape to Heaven" which describes fully the taste of this tomato. 

  • IMG_1871-crop.JPG

    Rannaya Lyubov

    Sold out. 10 seeds. A Russian tomato for growing in pots and ground.