Heirloom Tomato Seeds


  • Obraz 979.jpg

    Aunt Gertie's Gold

    10-15 seeds. Potato-leaved tomato from USA.

  • Obraz 577.jpg

    Aunt Ruby's German Green

    10-15 seeds. One of the biggest green tomato reaching weight up to 600 g from Tennessee.

  • IMG_6452.JPG


    Sold out. 10-15 seeds. A rare Russian variety also known under the name Zabava, very productive and tolerant to adverse weather conditions.

  • Obraz 846[1].jpg


    1.90 EUR

    10-15 seeds. A very productive tomato with slightly ribbed, shiny skin that reaches 600-900 g.

  • IMG_1797-crop.JPG


    10-15 seeds. Big-fruit heirloom Russian tomato.

  • IMG_1439-crop-crop.JPG

    Babushkin Secret

    Sold out. 10-15 seeds. Big-fruit, Siberian heirloom tomato perfect for cooler climates.

  • IMG_0782.JPG

    Baby Blue Cherry

    Sold out. 15 seeds. A cherry variety with long crop season. High in anthocyanins.

  • IMG_1746-crop.JPG

    Babylons Glow

    10-15 seeds. A multicolor determinate tomato ideal for pots, bred by Blane Horton.

  • IMG_2377.JPG

    Banan Krasnyi

    1.50 EUR

    10-15 seeds. Fertile tomato perfect for cooler climates known as Red Banana.

  • IMG_7422.JPG


    Sold out. 10-15 seeds. An indeterminate variety that has big, juicy fruits up to 250-400 g and 15 cm in diameter in pastel orange.

  • IMG_1626-crop.JPG

    Batyana Pink

    1.90 EUR

    10-15 seeds. New for season 2021. A Russian productive heirloom tomato.

  • IMG_0997.JPG

    Bawole Serce-Bull's Heart

    1.00 EUR

    10-15 seeds. Cultivated many years in Poland, valued for its flavor and yielding traditional oxheart-type beefsteak tomato.

  • IMG_6536-crop.JPG

    Beam's Yellow Pear

    1.00 EUR

    10-15 seeds. Productive cherry variety ideal for cooler climates.

  • IMG_8221-crop.JPG

    Bear Claw

    10-15 seeds. Wonderful, extremely rare pink heirloom tomato.

  • IMG_0940-crop.JPG

    Beauty King

    10-15 seeds. An indeterminate, productive variety tolerates heat very well.

  • IMG_8238-crop[1].jpg

    Behemoth King

    2.50 EUR

    10-15 seeds. American heirloom with huge red fruits.

  • IMG_7181-crop.JPG


    10-15 seeds. Delicious heirloom tomato from Calabria region in Italy.

  • IMG_5985-crop.JPG

    Berkeley Tie-Dye Heart

    Sold out. 10-15 seeds. Ultra rare tomato that has an exotic color.

  • IMG_0841.JPG


    10-15 seeds. A productive Russian variety from Siberia that has big, hard fruits which grow to 1 kg. Its name means "without a size limit".

  • Obraz 403.jpg

    Bi-Color Cherry

    20 seeds. A cherry, yellow and red colored variety.

  • IMG_1042-crop.JPG

    Bi-Color Polish Pastel

    10-15 seeds. Attractive colored rare tomato originated in Australia.

  • IMG_1716-crop.JPG

    Big Orange Stripe

    Sold out. 10-15 seeds. Very gorgeous big-fruit striped tomato.

  • IMG_0798.JPG

    Big Zac

    10-15 seeds. World's biggest beefsteak-type tomato. 

  • IMG_1545-crop.JPG

    Bijskiy Rozan

    10-15 seeds. A Siberian determinate variety with good low-temperature tolerance.

  • Obraz 900.jpg

    Black And Brown Boar

    10-15 seeds. A unique variety similar to Black Zebra, but with bigger and less ribbed fruits.

  • IMG_5236-crop.JPG

    Black Beauty

    2.50 EUR

    10-15 seeds. This variety is darknest known tomato in the world.

  • Obraz 264.jpg

    Black Cherry

    1.00 EUR

    10-15 seeds. A variety that has tall plants and mahogany black fruits that grow in big bunches.

  • Obraz 548[1].jpg

    Black From Tula

    1.90 EUR

    10-15 seeds. A Russian heirloom variety tolerant to cold weather that grows well in cool summer. 

  • IMG_5805-crop.JPG

    Black Krim

    Sold out. 10-15 seeds. An heirloom variety that originates from Crimea. Has strong tolerance to potato blight and temperature declines.

  • IMG_4998-crop.JPG

    Black Mamba

    1.90 EUR

    10 seeds. Productive cross between Lucky Cross and an unknown variety

  • IMG_1428-crop.JPG

    Black Master

    10-15 seeds. Productive black tomato.

  • IMG_6385-crop.JPG

    Black Russian

    10-15 seeds. A Russian indeterminate heirloom tomato.