Heirloom Tomato Seeds


  • IMG_1431-crop[1].jpg

    Hershey Boar

    10-15 seeds. Very beautiful tomato from California created by Brad Gates. 

  • IMG_6614-crop.JPG


    10-15 seeds. A big-fruit, excellent tomato from West Virginia, USA.

  • IMG_2104-crop.JPG

    Hippie Zebra

    1.90 EUR

    10-15 seeds. New for season 2021. Highly productive multicolored new tomato. 

  • IMG_1603-crop.JPG

    Homer's German

    10-15 seeds. Productive big-fruit old heirloom tomato from Amish community.

  • IMG_6317-crop[1].jpg


    1.90 EUR

    20 seeds. A big-fruit old heirloom tomato from West Virginia. 

  • IMG_2283-crop.JPG


    1.50 EUR

    10-15 seeds. Tomato from Czech, similar to Opalka variety.

  • IMG_1237-crop.JPG

    Hungarian Heart

    10-15 seeds. Heavy producer heirloom tomato, originated from Hungary and growing since 1900 year.

  • IMG_7204-crop[1].jpg


    Sold out. 10-15 seeds. Ukrainian heirloom determinate tomato.

  • Obraz 659.jpg

    Indigo Rose

    15 seeds. An unusual blue variety high in lycopene which helps our skin in sunburn protection. Resistant to sunburn.

  • IMG_2101-crop.JPG

    Irish Liqueur

    Sold out. 10-15 seeds. A mid-early variety with uniquely colored fruits. 

  • IMG_1635-crop.JPG

    Irish Striped

    10-15 seeds. Very beautiful rare multicolored tomato.

  • IMG_6445-crop.JPG

    Ispolin Pink

    10-15 seeds. New for season 2021. Big-fruit heirloom tomato originated in Siberia, Russia.

  • IMG_6456-crop[1].jpg

    Ispolin Red

    Sold out. 10-15 seeds. Very productive big-fruit Russian heirloom tomato from Siberia.

  • IMG_6790[1].jpg

    Izumrudnoe Yabloko

    Sold out. 10-15 seeds. A Russian heirloom variety.

  • IMG_1055-crop.JPG

    JD's Special C-Tex Tomato

    15 seeds. Originated in Texas, hard to find, best-tasting black tomato similar to Cherokee Purple. 

  • IMG_1207-crop.JPG


    2.50 EUR

    10-15 seeds. Highly productive rare tomato for small gardeners and market growers.

  • IMG_7284-crop.JPG

    Jersey Giant

    Sold out. 10-15 seeds. Tomato from the East Coast in USA, similar to Jersey Devil.

  • IMG_1587-crop.JPG

    Join Or Die X Beyond Verde Claro

    2.50 EUR

    10-15 seeds. Productive rare tomato created by Tom Wagner. 

  • IMG_6393[1].jpg

    Julia Child

    Sold out. 10-15 seeds. Potato-leaved heirloom tomato from USA.

  • IMG_2638-crop.JPG

    Jupiters Glow

    1.90 EUR

    10-15 seeds. New for season 2021. A new, rare exotic variety from Blane Horton.

  • IMG_5422-crop.JPG

    K 54-68

    1.90 EUR

    10-15 seeds. New tomato from Ukraine with leaves stained in a unique golden color.

  • IMG_5705.JPG

    Kaleidoscopic Jewel

    1.90 EUR

    10-15 seeds. An exotic indigo tomato with blue colored fruits when unripe and striped red and black when mature.

  • IMG_6338[1].jpg


    10-15 seeds. A big-fruit variety true-growing each time.

  • IMG_8840-crop.JPG


    2.50 EUR

    10-15 seeds. Very productive Russian heirloom pink tomato.

  • IMG_8212-crop.JPG


    Sold out. 15 seeds. Very rare giant tomato from Basque province in Spain.

  • IMG_0939.JPG


    Sold out. 15 seeds. An indeterminate, productive variety from the USA with potato leaves. Know also as Kellogg's Breakfast Cross.

  • IMG_5435.JPG


    Sold out. 10-15 seeds. A productive Siberian tomato ideal for cooler climates.

  • IMG_8287.JPG


    10-15 seeds. A big-fruit determinate productive Russian tomato.

  • Obraz 697.jpg


    Sold out. 10-15 seeds. A mid-early variety, very productive throughout all harvesting season.

  • IMG_4781.JPG


    Sold out. 10-15 seeds. A big-fruit, productive heirloom Russian variety.

  • IMG_7038.JPG

    Korneevskiy Rozovyi

    15 seeds. A Ukrainian pink variety that yields impressively.

  • IMG_5377.JPG

    Korol Gigantov

    10-15 seeds. A productive Siberian variety very tolerant to cold weather and disease.