Other Vegetables


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  • oggoo-crop[1].jpg

    Cucumber Zasuhostoikiy

    10 seeds. Very productive Russian heirloom cucumber. 

  • Obraz 047.jpg

    Tobacco Havana Gold

    200-300 seeds package. Attractive variety highly valued because of the fine flavor.

  • tobacco_pictures_2009_057_l1et (1).jpg

    Tobacco Virginia Gold

    0,3 g package. An excellent most popular smoking tobacco. 

  • IMG_1931-crop[1].jpg

    Winter Squash Jumbo Pink Banana

    10 seeds. Very old thin-skinned variety growing for over 100 years. 

  • luun-crop.png

    Winter Squash Lunga Piena Di Napoli

    5 seeds. An Italian variety also known as Piena di Napoli.

  • Obraz 1362[1].jpg

    Winter Squash Marina Di Chioggia

    5 seeds. Productive heirloom pumpkin from Italy. 

  • IMG_8341.JPG

    Winter Squash Musquee de Provence

    10 seeds. Very productive variety from the south of France is also known as Fairytale.


  • gita-crop.jpg

    Winter Squash Violina

    5 seeds. Very productive butternut type variety.

  • IMG_1811-crop.JPG

    Winter Squash Volga's Grey

    10 seeds. Productive variety from Russia.

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