Multicolor Tomatoes


  • Obraz 1507.jpg

    AAA Sweet Solano

    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. Attractive, medium-size tomato from California. 

  • IMG_0718-crop.JPG

    Arkansas Marvel

    1.00 EUR

    20 seeds. Heirloom tomato from Arkansas in USA, heavy producer record-breaking big fruits.

  • IMG_1746-crop.JPG

    Babylons Glow

    Sold out. 10 seeds. New for season 2019. A multicolor determinate tomato ideal for pots, bred by Blane Horton.

  • IMG_0940-crop.JPG

    Beauty King

    1.90 EUR

    15 seeds. An indeterminate, productive variety that has very long crop season.

  • IMG_5985-crop.JPG

    Berkeley Tie-Dye Heart

    1.50 EUR

    15 seeds. Ultra rare tomato that has an exotic color.

  • IMG_1042-crop.JPG

    Bi-Color Polish Pastel

    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. New for season 2019. Attractive colored rare tomato originated in Australia.

  • IMG_1716-crop.JPG

    Big Orange Stripe

    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. Very gorgeous big-fruit striped tomato.

  • Obraz 900.jpg

    Black And Brown Boar

    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. A unique variety similar to Black Zebra, but with bigger and less ribbed fruits.

  • IMG_5402-crop.JPG

    Bleeding Heart

    1.50 EUR

    20 seeds. A new multicolored variety from California with medium-sized fruit. 

  • IMG_0920.JPG

    Burracker's Favorite

    1.90 EUR

    15 seeds. A big-fruit variety with record-breaking fruits up to 2 kg when cultivated properly.

  • IMG_0882-crop.JPG

    Casady's Folly

    Sold out. 15 seeds. Casady’s Folly is a beautiful elongated tomato from California for growing in pots.

  • Obraz 1137-crop[2].jpg

    Cascade Lava

    Sold out. 10 seeds. A medium-fruit variety developed by Brad Gates from California.

  • IMG_5740-crop.JPG

    Cherokee Lime Stripes

    2.50 EUR

    10 seeds. This variety was created in 2009 from the Cherokee Green tomato.

  • IMG_6574-crop.JPG


    1.90 EUR

    20 seeds. One of the most unusually beautiful varieties created from crossing Green Zebra and Marvel Stripe.

  • IMG_1439-crop.JPG

    Copper River

    2.50 EUR

    15 seeds. New for season 2019. Productive, attractively colored variety very similar to Ananas Noir tomato.

  • IMG_4929-crop.JPG

    Dark Queen

    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. A multicolored variant similar to Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye, selected from the Beauty King, slightly later and with a better taste.

  • IMG_1288-crop.JPG

    Don's Doble Deliant

    1.90 EUR

    15 seeds. New for season 2019. Very beautiful big-fruit tomato.

  • IMG_1373-crop.JPG

    Dwarf Russian Swirl

    1.90 EUR

    10 seeds. New for season 2019. A cross from Orange Russian 117 and Golden Dwarf Champion tomato.

  • Obraz 1040.jpg

    E.T. Tomato

    Sold out. 20 seeds. A big-fruit, multicolored variety. Its fruits weigh 350-400 g.

  • IMG_9088-crop[1].jpg

    Furry Red Boar

    Sold out. 15 seeds. An American colorful tomato with juicy fruits in red color with orange stripes that weigh 150-200 g.

  • IMG_0574-crop.JPG

    Georgia Streak

    1.90 EUR

    20 seeds. New for season 2019. Big-fruit multicolored giant tomato.

  • IMG_0626-crop.JPG

    Girl Girl's Weird Thing

    1.90 EUR

    10 seeds. Extremely beautiful multicolored tomato, a mutation of Green Zebra.

  • IMG_1939.JPG

    Golden Pineapple

    1.90 EUR

    15 seeds. New for season 2019. Big-fruit heirloom tomato from USA. 

  • IMG_1548-crop.JPG

    Golden Striped

    1.90 EUR

    10-15 seeds. New for season 2019. Incredibly colored rare variety.

  • IMG_7706-crop.JPG

    Grandma Viney's Yellow and Pink

    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. An American heirloom tomato from Kentucky.

  • IMG_1899-crop.JPG

    Harvard Square

    2.50 EUR

    15 seeds. New for season 2019. Gorgeous, great-tasting multicolored tomato.

  • IMG_1718-crop.JPG

    Hawaiian Pineapple

    2.50 EUR

    10-15 seeds. New for season 2019. Productive bi-color heirloom tomato, full flavored with few seeds.

  • IMG_7045.JPG

    Hazel Mae

    Sold out. 15 seeds. Productive heirloom tomato from USA.

  • IMG_6614-crop.JPG


    1.90 EUR

    20 seeds. A big-fruit excellent tomato from West Virginia, USA.

  • IMG_1635-crop.JPG

    Irish Striped

    Sold out. 10 seeds. New for season 2019. Very beautiful rare multicolored tomato.

  • IMG_5422-crop.JPG

    K 54-68

    1.50 EUR

    20 seeds. New tomato from Ukraine with leaves stained for a unique golden color.

  • IMG_1755-crop.JPG

    Kozula 125 Black-Pink Zebra

    1.50 EUR

    15 seeds. New for season 2019. Gorgeous tomato created by Anna jankowska, Polish breeder.