Our Seeds


  • IMG_6789-crop.JPG


    Sold out. 10 seeds. A Siberian pink variety. High fertility, tolerant to unfavorable climates.

  • IMG_0956-crop.JPG

    Tsarskiy Ljubimec

    1.00 EUR

    20 seeds. A surprising big-fruit Russian variety.

  • IMG_1015-crop.JPG

    Turks Muts

    1.50 EUR

    15 seeds. New for season 2019. Great-looking black tomato.

  • IMG_2007-crop.JPG

    Tuxhorn's Red And Yellow

    1.50 EUR

    15 seeds. New for season 2019. Red with orange marbling bi-colored exclusive tomato.

  • IMG_0564-crop.JPG

    Tyazeloves Sibiri

    1.90 EUR

    15-20 seeds. Siberian oxheart-type pink tomato ideal cooler climates.

  • IMG_0794-crop.JPG

    Ukrainskiy Velikan

    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. Very productive big-fruit Ukrainian variety.

  • IMG_1262-crop[1].jpg

    Uluru Ochre

    2.50 EUR

    10 seeds. New for season 2019. Dwarf-type, determinate tomato. A cross between Orange Heirloom  and Rosella Purple.

  • IMG_2042-crop.JPG

    Uncle E

    1.90 EUR

    15 seeds. New for season 2019. Big-fruit productive unique tomato from USA.

  • IMG_1358-crop.JPG

    Upstate Oxheart

    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. New for season 2019. Heart-type heirloom tomato.

  • IMG_5610-crop.JPG

    Ussuri Tiger

    1.50 EUR

    20 seeds. New productive Russian tomato from Indigo line.

  • IMG_6781-crop.JPG


    1.90 EUR

    10 seeds. A productive Russian pink variety.

  • IMG_9297-crop.JPG

    Vashe Blagorodie

    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. A new big-fruit Russian tomato.

  • IMG_9246-crop.JPG

    Vechnyi Zov

    2.50 EUR

    20 seeds. Very productive determinate Siberian tomat perfect for cooler climates.

  • Obraz 355.jpg


    1.90 EUR

    20 seeds. Siberian commercial determinate variety of tomato from Russia grown in the South Ural since 1950.

  • IMG_6615.JPG

    Velvet Red

    1.20 EUR

    15 seeds. A cherry variety with distinctly mossy plants and fruits.

  • IMG_0739-crop.JPG

    Vera's Paradeiser

    1.50 EUR

    10-15 seeds. New for season 2019. Originated in Bosnia, excellent giant rare tomato.

  • IMG_0900-crop.JPG


    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. The newest Russian black variety with high nutritional value.

  • IMG_1252-crop.JPG

    Vintage Wine

    1.00 EUR

    10-15 seeds. A heirloom beefsteak-style tomato pefect for growing in a warm like and cooler climate.

  • Obraz 1113.jpg

    Violet Jasper

    Sold out. 20 seeds. An Eastern, highly productive variety tolerant to adverse weather conditions.

  • Obraz 1027.jpg

    Violet Noir

    1.90 EUR

    20 seeds. A productive heirloom tomato that originated in Belgium.

  • IMG_7140-crop[1].jpg

    Virginia Sweets

    Sold out. 20 seeds. Big-fruit heirloom tomato originated in Virginia, USA.

  • IMG_5663-crop.JPG

    Volovie Chelo

    1.90 EUR

    20 seeds. Very productive Russian heirloom big-fruit tomato.

  • IMG_6660-crop.JPG

    Volovie Ukho

    1.90 EUR

    20 seeds. Russian pink variety with fleshy fruits in oxheart-type containing few seeds, growing up to 500 g.

  • IMG_1566.JPG

    Wagner Blue Green

    1.90 EUR

    20 seeds. New for season 2019. A rare beautiful tomato comes from breeder Tom Wagner.

  • IMG_0985-crop.JPG

    Watermelon Beefsteak

    1.00 EUR

    15 seeds. Big-fruit heirloom tomato cultivating from the 1800s.

  • IMG_0606-crop.JPG

    West Virginia Straw

    1.50 EUR

    15 seeds. An old American heirloom tomato with high yielding potential.

  • IMG_7468-crop[1].jpg

    White Queen

    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. An American heirloom tomato grown since 1941.

  • IMG_2028-crop.JPG

    Wild Thyme

    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. New for season 2019. Great-tasting rare green tomato.

  • IMG_0794-crop[1].jpg

    Wild Tiger

    1.50 EUR

    15 seeds. A multicolor American highly productive variety.

  • IMG_5220-crop.JPG

    Willa's Cariboo Rose

    Sold out. 10 seeds. New medium fruit variety created in 2016.

  • Obraz 641-crop.jpg

    Wine Jug

    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. A variety from California with tasteful, resistant to bursting fruits that grow up to 100 g.

  • IMG_8365.JPG

    Winter Squash Blue Hubbard

    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. Variety known in the USA since 1909. Big fruits in drop-like shape up to 20 kg can be kept up to 6 months.