Our Seeds


  • IMG_1849-crop.JPG

    Dwarf Andy's Forty

    1.90 EUR

    10-15 seeds. Tomato created in 2012 by crossing German Red Strawberry and Dwarf Stone.

  • IMG_2483-crop.JPG

    Dwarf Antho Striped

    1.90 EUR

    15 seeds. New for season 2021. Determinate tomato originated in USA, developed by Mark McCaslin.

  • IMG_2233.JPG

    Dwarf Arctic Rose

    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. This tomato recommended for short growing seasons. 

  • IMG_1496-crop.JPG

    Dwarf Beauty King

    1.90 EUR

    10-15 seeds. An determinate, productive variety that has very long crop season.

  • IMG_1836-crop.JPG

    Dwarf Boronia

    Sold out. 10-15 seeds. Determinate variety created in 2014 with the cross between tomato Paul Robeson and New Big Dwarf.

  • IMG_2377-crop.JPG

    Dwarf BrandyFred

    2.50 EUR

    10-15 seeds. New for season 2021. Tree-type tomato from Dwarf series. 

  • IMG_1651-crop.JPG

    Dwarf Confetti

    1.90 EUR

    10 seeds. Productive determinate tomato created by crossing Beauty King with Dwarf Wild Fred variety in 2011.

  • IMG_2553-crop.JPG

    Dwarf Copperhead

    2.50 EUR

    10-15 seeds. New for season 2021. Determinate tomato developed by Blane Horton, USA.

  • IMG_1550-crop.JPG

    Dwarf Crimson Sockeye

    1.90 EUR

    10 seeds. Determinate tomato originated from a cross between Rosella Purple and Pink Berkeley Tie Dye. 

  • IMG_1151-crop[1].jpg

    Dwarf Damascus Steel

    1.90 EUR

    10 seeds. Rare tomato for growing in pots and in the ground.

  • IMG_1782-crop[1].jpg

    Dwarf Emerald Giant

    Sold out. 10-15 seeds. Dwarf variety ideal for growing in pots and small gardens.

  • IMG_1568-crop.JPG

    Dwarf Firebird

    1.90 EUR

    10 seeds. A cross between Dwarf Wild Fred and Beauty King.

  • IMG_2042-crop[1].jpg

    Dwarf Jackass Pink

    1.90 EUR

    10-15 seeds. New for season 2021. Determinate tomato created by John Beidler in Connecticut. 

  • IMG_2285-crop.JPG

    Dwarf Jackass Yellow

    1.90 EUR

    10-15 seeds. New for season 2021. 

  • IMG_2047-crop.JPG

    Dwarf Pink Desperado

    1.50 EUR

    10-15 seeds. New for season 2021. Variety created by Blane Horton, Mississippi, USA from tomato Cherokee Tiger and Kosovo.

  • IMG_1373-crop.JPG

    Dwarf Russian Swirl

    1.90 EUR

    10 seeds. A cross from Orange Russian 117 and Golden Dwarf Champion tomato.

  • IMG_1748-crop.JPG

    Dwarf Shadow Boxing

    1.90 EUR

    15 seeds. Bred by Tom Wagner, multicolored determinate tomato for growing in pots and small gardens.

  • IMG_2307-crop.JPG

    Dwarf Wild Spudleaf

    2.50 EUR

    10-15 seeds. New for season 2021. Determinate potato leaf variety created in 2008 from Dwarf Wild Fred and Spudakee tomato by Vince Lavallo.

  • IMG_8462-crop.JPG


    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. Grown for many generation's heirloom tomato that originated in Palestine.

  • IMG_1502.JPG

    Elser's Brown Derby

    1.90 EUR

    10 seeds. A cross of Paul Robeson x Aunt Ruby's German Green.

  • Obraz 347-crop.jpg

    Epstein's Potato Leaf

    1.00 EUR

    10 seeds. Exceptional variety for growing truly giant tomatoes.

  • IMG_5081-crop.JPG

    Eternal Love

    2.50 EUR

    20 seeds. Russian very productive tomato known in Russia under the name Vechnaya Lyubov.

  • IMG_1424-crop.JPG

    Everett's Rusty

    1.90 EUR

    10 seeds. Very unique productive gorgeous tomato.

  • IMG_1046-crop.JPG

    Faelan's First Snow

    1.90 EUR

    15 seeds. Originally called an unusual variegated version of Cherokee Purple.

  • IMG_6659.JPG

    Fahrenheit Blues

    1.90 EUR

    20 seeds. A cherry variety from California with intensively purple fruits.

  • IMG_5192-crop-crop.JPG

    Flatheat Monster Pink

    2.50 EUR

    20 seeds. Productive rare giant tomato from USA.

  • Obraz 505-crop.jpg

    Fred Limbaugh Potato Top

    1.50 EUR

    10 seeds. An heirloom pink tomato true-growing in low temperatures.

  • IMG_2623.JPG

    Garden Huckleberry

    1.90 EUR

    50 seeds. Annual berry. Exotic and easy to cultivate. Used both in naturopathy and for culinary purposes. 

  • Obraz 364.jpg

    German Giant

    2.50 EUR

    10-15 seeds. A very productive heirloom pink tomato.

  • IMG_7974-crop.JPG


    1.90 EUR

    20 seeds. A Russian variety that gives mossy, pastel white fruits in size of a peach known in Russia under the name Prizrak.

  • IMG_2219-crop.JPG

    Giant Belgium Yellow

    1.90 EUR

    10-15 seeds. A large tomato also known as Goldie, cultivated for 150 years.

  • IMG_8392-crop.JPG

    Giant Of Siebenburgen

    1.50 EUR

    15 seeds. Huge tomato originating in Siebenburgen in Romania.