Heirloom Tomato Seeds


  • IMG_2631-crop.JPG

    Budenovka Red

    A Russian early red variety that is named after a traditional hat popular in Russia years ago.

  • IMG_5403-crop.JPG

    Abakanskiy Rozovyi

    10-15 seeds. An heirloom tomato from Russia.

  • IMG_1226.JPG

    Alice's Dream

    10-15 seeds. Created by me in 2015 an accidental cross between Blue Gold and an unknown Indigo tomato.

  • IMG_5389-crop.JPG

    Altai Orange

    10-15 seeds. A big-fruit, Siberian tomato productive in cold climate.

  • IMG_6179.JPG

    Amethyst Jewel

    10-15 seeds. A tomato from California with well-balanced sweet flavor and great aroma.

  • Obraz 1363[1].jpg

    Amish Paste

    10-15 seeds. A tomato that originates from Wisconsin grown by the Amish fellowships. Very productive.

  • IMG_1738-crop.JPG

    Amur Tiger

    10-15 seeds. Rare Russian variety.

  • IMG_3327-crop[1].jpg

    Ananas Bleu

    10-15 seeds. Medium-sized tomato, a cross of Ananas with OSU Blue, developed by Jose Antoine.

  • IMG_1417-crop[2].jpg

    Antho Weiss Cherry Tomato

    15 seeds. A new beautiful cherry tomato from Indigo series.

  • IMG_5844-crop.JPG


    10-15 seeds. Productive Russian tomato disease tolerant, perfect for cooler climates.

  • IMG_2501-crop.JPG

    Artisan Tiger Pink

    15 seeds. A new exciting variety from Artisan series.

  • Obraz 846[1].jpg


    A very productive tomato with slightly ribbed, shiny skin that reaches 600-900 g.

  • IMG_1439-crop-crop.JPG

    Babushkin Secret

    Big-fruit, Siberian heirloom tomato perfect for cooler climates.

  • IMG_1746-crop.JPG

    Babylons Glow

    A multicolor determinate tomato ideal for pots, bred by Blane Horton.

  • IMG_1626-crop.JPG

    Batyana Pink

    10-15 seeds. A Russian productive heirloom tomato.

  • IMG_8221-crop.JPG

    Bear Claw

    Wonderful, extremely rare pink heirloom tomato.

  • IMG_5985-crop.JPG

    Berkeley Tie-Dye Heart

    10-15 seeds. Ultra rare tomato that has an exotic color.

  • Obraz 900.jpg

    Black And Brown Boar

    10-15 seeds. A unique variety similar to Black Zebra, but with bigger and less ribbed fruits.

  • IMG_5236-crop.JPG

    Black Beauty

    10-15 seeds. This variety is darknest known tomato in the world.

  • Obraz 548[1].jpg

    Black From Tula

    10-15 seeds. A Russian heirloom variety tolerant to cold weather that grows well in cool summer. 

  • Obraz 024[1].jpg

    Blue Beauty

    10-15 seeds. A variety that has fleshy, pink tomato fruits in unusual shade of blue.


  • IMG_6456-crop-crop.JPG

    Blue Fruit

    10-15 seeds. Very rare productive determinate tomato.

  • IMG_7219[1].jpg

    Blue Pitts

    15 seeds. Beautiful Indigo variety with fruits in different intensive colors created by Tom Wagner.

  • IMG_1823-crop.JPG

    Bosque Blue Bumble Bee

    10-15 seeds. A new, extraordinary variety from Indigo series.

  • IMG_6815.JPG


    10-15 seeds. A legendary heirloom  tomato cultivated in the USA since 1800. 

  • IMG_0351-crop.JPG

    Budenovka Pink

    10-15 seeds. A Russian early pink variety that is named after a traditional hat popular in Russia years ago.

  • IMG_2097-crop[1].jpg

    Bunte Pflaume

    10-15 seeds. Productive heirloom tomato similar to Ananas Noire.

  • IMG_0981-crop[1].jpg

    Bychye Sertse Krasnoe

    10-15 seeds. A big-fruit, Siberian variety.

  • IMG_0668-crop.JPG

    Bychye Sertse Rozovye

    10-15 seeds. An heirloom tomato that originated in Russia's mountain Altai from Chelyabings city.

  • IMG_1004-crop.JPG

    Cherokee Chocolate

    10-15 seeds. A stabilized version of Cherokee Purple tomato.

  • IMG_7697-crop.JPG

    Chocolate Amazonka

    15 seeds. Productive variety with vigorous plants grow up to 160 cm.

  • Obraz 375.jpg

    Cinnamon Pear

    10-15 seeds. A mid-early cherry variety that produces brown, juicy fruits.