Selected great varieties for 1 EUR.


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  • aji-amarillo-peruano.jpg

    Aji Amarillo Pepper

    1.00 EUR

    15 seeds. Very popular in Peru chili pepper ripen from green to orange color. 

  • aji-amarillo-crop.jpg

    Aji Panca Pepper

    1.00 EUR

    15 seeds. Popular in Peru black chili pepper ripen from green to blackish brown color.

  • IMG_5844-crop.JPG


    1.00 EUR

    10-15 seeds. Productive Russian tomato disease tolerant, perfect for cooler climates.

  • IMG_6953-crop[1].jpg


    10-15 seeds. Ukrainian big-fruit heirloom tomato.

  • IMG_0997.JPG

    Bawole Serce-Bull's Heart

    1.00 EUR

    10-15 seeds. Cultivated many years in Poland, valued for its flavor and yielding traditional oxheart-type beefsteak tomato.

  • IMG_6536-crop.JPG

    Beam's Yellow Pear

    1.00 EUR

    10-15 seeds. Productive cherry variety ideal for cooler climates.

  • Obraz 264.jpg

    Black Cherry

    1.00 EUR

    10-15 seeds. A variety that has tall plants and mahogany black fruits that grow in big bunches.

  • IMG_5110-crop.JPG


    10-15 seeds. Heirloom pink tomato from Lithuania.

  • IMG_0907-crop.JPG

    Orange Cherry

    1.00 EUR

    20 seeds. A cherry variety with orange fruits size of cherries, grow in bunches.

  • IMG_2843-crop.JPG

    Peperoni Hot Pepper

    1.00 EUR

    10-15 seeds. Italian very popular hot pepper.

  • Obraz 1158.jpg

    Red Pear Cherry

    15 seeds. A classic cherry variety that has lots of sweet and juicy pear-shaped fruits.

  • IMG_1902-crop[1].jpg

    Red Stuffing Sweet Pepper

    1.00 EUR

    15 seeds. Dark red-colored variety of sweet pepper easy to cultivate. 

  • IMG_5950.JPG

    Summer Cider

    1.00 EUR

    10-15 seeds. A rare productive tomato with potato leaves.

  • Obraz 1419.jpg

    Yellow Pear Cherry

    1.00 EUR

    10-15 seeds. Easy in cultivation, cherry variety.

  • IMG_8020-crop.JPG


    1.00 EUR

    10-15 seeds. Russian heirloom tomato ideal for cooler climates.

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